chapter 6: silver's mission

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chapter 6:
silver's mission
Release dates
Cover date March 24, 2012
Page date March 24, 2012 -
April 13, 2012
Link Chapter 6
Script Script
Character debuts Underbite Troll, Markus, Jayce, Blaze, Heimerdinger, Varic, Goobie, Sirpigsalot, Mysushi, Cybershell
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You literally made Adolf Hitler get off his dick-throne in the midst of the flames of Hell, walk into the bathroom, and sob quietly in the corner of a shower. He held a bottle of cheap whiskey in his shaking hand, no longer secure in his position as world's least likable human being.
Underbite Troll, Page 5

chapter 6: silver's mission is the sixth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. Silver and his squad infiltrate Troll City and gain intel on the Troll King's plans.


Grief-Filled News

The story begins with Pacman advising Tails to join the The Defenders after finishing his tale. He then informs him about the Soul Bind and how that Tails can achieve it with Sonic. Confused, Tails asks how this could be possible, still under the belief that Sonic is still alive. Pacman tells Tails about the fate of his late friend and brings him to tears. As a result, Tails joins, making a promise to Pacman that he'll become stronger. Pacman sends him to train with Woodstock before pointing out that Tails was already stronger than Doug and Skeeter. Meanwhile, Vivian catches up to Pori before he can report to the Troll King. She asks about how her friends Mario and Luigi are doing. Pori tells her that they've become no different from the Trolls and that she shouldn't concern herself with them any longer, referring her to Pacman if she still wanted to know about them.

The Troll Off

Underbite Troll's sick Hitler burn.

Elsewhere, Silver, much to his chagrin, has to explain the very events that his friends, Fudd and Rob were there to witness. Silver confirms that the bodies of Sonic and Luigi were not left to rest in peace, rather, they were used as sex toys by Troll Face. Eventually, Silver decides that it would be pointless trying to explain these events to his companions and decides to infiltrate Troll City by making he and his friends wear masks of Troll Face. After arriving in Troll City, Silver decides to observe a group of Trolls. More specifically, the trio of Underbite Troll, Markus and Jayce; the former of the three were wanting to buy merchandise and the latter manning his shop. Silver then informs his friends to act like trolls (or in his own words, "Be a dick") and makes his move, impressing Underbite Troll and Markus with his sick roasts. As a result, Underbite Troll challenges Silver to a Troll-Off. Silver is hesitant at first, but after Underbite Troll eggs him about it, he begrudgingly accepts with Elmer cheering him on.

The battle is fierce, with a very many insults that would cause lesser men to end their existences being dished out by both combatants. Underbite Troll opens by saying that the mere sight of Silver makes him want to shove rocks into his anus and that he should kill himself, but Silver quickly retorts by flaunting his intelligence and insisting that Underbite has a floral-looking penis and "a gross face". However, Underbite Troll cared not, responding by saying that not only was Silver less likable than the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler, but that even he hated Silver, getting off his "dick throne in the midst of the flames of hell" to walk into a bathroom and drink himself into a stupor over the fact that he was no longer the world's least likable human being.

Silver countered by claiming he didn't care and asking if Underbite Troll's parents were siblings before calling him a "butt licking cock muncher". Underbite Troll had resorted to spamming. Silver concluded the battle by comparing him to a used tampon, causing Underbite Troll to concede. He asked how the hedgehog was able to achieve such a feat, to which Silver answered by saying he had been observing Troll fights on Facebook to learn the ways the Trolls. After telling Underbite Troll and his friends to eat dick, Silver elaborated on the nature of his character by request of Elmer. Silver commented that unlike Shadow, he didn't resort to his impulses and thought of back-up plans in addition to a well-crafted plan-A.

Embarrassment and Infiltration

Not long after, Silver and his pose get closer to the Troll Castle and wait for Silver's friend, Blaze, to arrive. Elmer immediately tries hitting on her, much to the embarrassment of Silver. To make things worse, Blaze talked about how she loved Silver but that he was too afraid to admit it. Silver failed to properly express his feelings and started to make his foray into the castle, speaking aloud to himself and embarrassing himself further when someone hears. After conquering his embarrassment and entering the large structure, he listened to Alex rant to himself about how he believed Troll Face keeping Luigi's body as a sex toy to be degenerate. Afterwards, Silver put a device on a wall and entered a room where he found Heimerdinger chained by the legs to a post working on robots.

The good doctor explained his predicament to Silver but before they could talk that much, Heimerdinger told Silver to hide because Troll King was arriving. When he entered the room, Troll King asked Heimerdinger for a progress report. Much to his chagrin, Hindo brought in the dead body of Eggman, who was going to break Heimerdinger out of captivity. The monarch of trolling told Heimerdinger to make the corpse of Eggman into an android, to which he said he couldn't because he couldn't raise the dead. Silver tried to escape, but alerted Troll King by stepping on a wrench. Heimerdinger helped the hedgehog escape by throwing the very same wrench at Troll King, which distracted him enough for Silver to escape. Silver jumped out of the window but in the process, got his arms and left hand impaled by glass.

Troll King demanded to know the identity of the intruder, to which Heimerdinger responded by saying that even if he knew his identity, he wouldn't tell him. In response, Troll King ordered the removal of one of his legs, resulting in his leg being torn off. Troll King ordered some Trolls (including Fish and Pork and Chris-Chan Madness) to intercept Silver and also promised that the person who left the door unlocked would be severely punished.

Rob's True Power and Knuckles' Fucking Stupid Plan

Fish and Pork are frozen by Rob.

When he returned to his friends, Silver was being pursued by the Trolls. Blaze remarked that Silver was in a hurry, to which Elmer responded with the vapid idea that he was in a race with the people behind him. Silver warned everyone to run, but Rob stayed behind. Silver was confused at first, but then he saw Rob show his true nature as a Dragonborn. Using his power of Unrelenting Force to push several Trolls away before using Fire and Frost Breaths to kill some more Trolls. Fudd pulled out his "second cock" in an attempt to kill Alex, but instead hit a nameless Troll and remarked about how "He blew off his head with his man juice", followed by a laugh. Silver started lifting and throwing objects at the Trolls before concentrating on Alex, taunting him and explaining why he has no idea why the Trolls weren't the ones being Trolled and also about their apparent homosexuality. Alex rebutted by claiming Silver knew nothing about him and also pointed out that he was running out of mana.

Troll King and some more Trolls arrived, forcing Silver's group to retreat. Alex told Troll King about Rob's true nature, which confused him, as he thought he had killed all of the Dragonborn bar one. Silver and co. were ready to abandon their Troll Face masks, however, when Silver saw Underbite Troll again, praising his trolling skills, they put them back on. Silver asked Underbite Troll if he and his cohorts could stay at Underbite Troll's dwelling for the night, to which he gladly accepted. Later that evening, Shadow and his Troll Slaiyers were debating about how to kill Mario. Teemo commented that Bowser should make a list of all Mario's powers, but Hulk interjected by saying that they also needed to focus on the Trolls. Knuckles asked if Amy was single now due to the death of Sonic, causing Shadow to call him out in disgust. Afterwards, Knuckles introduced his plan to the team, a move that was met with overwhelmingly negative reception from all except Teemo, but only because the plan involved him. Shadow commented that the idea wasn't stupid, but rather "Fucking stupid".

Despite heavy protest (especially from Shadow and Vector), Knuckles and Teemo went ahead with their plan. Unfortunately, Teemo died by crashing into a mountain due to the fact that Knuckles had no idea where the Troll Castle actually was. Shadow reacted in rage but Knuckles retorted that he'd come up with a better plan when he smoked his "Smart weed". Vector told Knuckles to not come up with any more plans. This would be the start of the chain of events leading up to Knuckles' exile from the Troll Slaiyers.


Pori returned from the Defenders base and told Troll King a fabricated story about his non-existent Trolling efforts when asked about it. Hindo reported to Troll King that Mario was waiting for him outside the Troll City, only for Alex to point out that he was steadily approaching. Troll King told his servants to leave because he wanted to fight Mario by himself. Mario commented that he would "finish what he and Luigi started", leading to the events of the next chapter, Chapter 7: mario vs king troll.

Troll Off Lines

The lines from the troll off between Silver and Underbite Troll were lifted from various sources.

Line Original poster Origin
jesus christ you must be an autismal man child. you are fucking terrible.
Just looking at you makes me want to shove rocks in my asshole. kill your self.
narutobongHITZXXx[1] Trolling left on Lazerbot's original DeviantArt. The original comment references "the comic" (ie, this comics are fucking terrible), and was edited to be directed at Silver in the comic itself.
So anyone smarter than you should be killed? BR999[2] Comment left on Lazerbot's original DeviantArt
goons goons goony ass goons iheartthimlurr[3] Comment left on Lazerbot's original DeviantArt
You literally made Adolf Hitler get off his dick-throne in the midst of the flames of Hell, walk into the bathroom, and sob quietly in the corner of a shower.
He held a bottle of cheap whiskey in his shaking hand, no longer secure in his position as world's least likeable human being.
The Fucky (now known as VERY COOL MAN)[4] Comment left on a journal entry asking for insults by Lazerbot. SA user The Fucky would mention in the thread that the Adolf Hitler comment was his and posted in the lost journal.
your like a used tampon your no longer good Lazerbot[5] Line created by Lazerbot for use in the troll off

In addition, lines from DeviantArt users lbbluebird, Sugar-Free-Jazz, and RivalStudent contributed lines to this troll off, but it is unknown which lines exactly. (It is also unknown of any of these users are the same person as SA goon The Fucky). Multiple of RivalStudent's insults were used as well.