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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Auther (Chapter 20, Page 8)
Relatives D.W (Sister)
Physical description
Species Aardvark
Gender Male
Skin color Light brown
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation The Defenders
Allies Vivian, Pacman, Ms. Frizzle
Weapons/powers Magic
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 7
In real life
Actual name Arthur Read
First appearance Arthur's Nose (1976)
Franchise Arthur
Hummmm..... I feel... A spark, some sort of clash. Not very powerful. Very faint, yet it seems to be one of the roots to all that has taken place.
Arthur, Chapter 20, Page 8

Arthur is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as a member of The Defenders. He is an enigmatic character, possessing the power to see vague glimpses of the future and past.


Arthur wears large brown rimmed glasses over his eyes and has large cartoon ears resembling a mouse/aardvark's. He is first seen wearing the Defenders Robe when watching Doug interrogate Tails. Later on, he is wearing an dark blue outfit resembling a wizard's while he is in his room.



At some point in the past, Arthur and his friends were ambushed by Troll Face's Group. The trolls then proceed to rape and kill all members of his group except for himself and his younger sister, D.W. What happened in between the years of his survival and the current point in the story are currently unknown, but it appears that he was adopted into Ms. Frizzle's class of wizards and then joined up with The Defenders to seek a means to kill Troll Face.

Arthur is first seen alongside Doug and Skeeter attempting to interrogate Tails in Chapter 5: tails kid napped. He is surprised to hear that Tails is not a troll when Pori appears and explains the situation. Since then, he is not seen again much later until Chapter 20: The Storm part 2.

Arthur is seen using a crystal ball to attempt and see the future with Vivian. He begins to panic as he senses "pure evil". Vivian urges him to try and look into the past, and he manages to see what appears to be a large clash and a "light". After finishing up, he asks Vivian to put up a barrier so that he will not be disturbed as he rests.

After recalling a sickening memory of him and his friends, Arthur is visited by his teacher, Ms. Frizzle who communicates with him via an astro projection. She reveals to him that her class has been searching for him throughout the years. In the process, she was forced to resort to using Lord Ryzel's magic which terrifies Arthur. Arthur then learns that Ms. Frizzle's group has been captured by two "sister witches" and are being held in a location south of the Defenders' Base. She urges Arthur to rescue them as the spell she had used to seal the witches appears to be taking a toll on her body.


Arthur appears to be quite intelligent as he is shown being able to work with magic to levitate and discern the past and future. He, alongside Vivian and Pacman, appear to be working together in secret from Cheeto Man against him. It is also revealed that harbors a grudge against Troll Face as Saralite states that he is seeking a way to kill him.


Arthur's appears to have strong magical powers, which he uses to attempt and see the past and future. This ability appears to take a strain on him, as he needs to rest immediately afterwards, though it is unknown if this is due to seeing an intense evil and being worn out by it.

Real Life Origins

Arthur Read is the main character of his own PBS show, Arthur. He is a third grade elementary school student. Arthur and his friends would often get into misadventures and teach the younger audience valuable life lessons.


The Arthur appearing in Tails Gets Trolled is capable of using some magic to see the past and the future, which is something that he is not able to do in the shows.