West Troll City

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The Narrorator in West Troll City.

West Troll City (also known as West Troll City of Fuckpoorpeople) is another city housing The Trolls.


Unlike Troll King's Troll City, not many details are known about West Troll City and how it came to be. Citizens from West Troll City are shown to travel to the main Troll City to participate in Troll Offs, as Marley is noted to be from this region. It is also known that Squidward resides in this area as well.

Spongebob, after his family is murdered by Squidward, sets off on a quest for revenge and eventually tracks him to West Troll City. With assistance from Saralite, Spongebob is able to make his way over to West Troll City and is not seen onscreen until Chapter 26: Anguish, where he murders a group of trolls harassing The Narrorator. Spongebob agrees to let The Narrorator show him around West Troll City as he claims to know the place like the back of his ballsack.