Jacko the Troll

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Jacko the Troll

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Dark yellow
Hair color Purple
Eye color Orange
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies other trolls, Jolly Green Faggot
Enemies Non-trolls
Weapons/powers Trolling
First appearance Chapter 8, Page 5
Last appearance Chapter 21, Page 14
Chapter 23, Page 8 (corpse)
Dead (killed by Demaro)
In real life
Actual name Jacko the Troll
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 8, Page 5 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
Oooo!! Look at me!! Oh, i got three eyes! And, I'm always butthurt.. Oh my poor rekt anus! Hahaha! You suck, fuck you. It would be gold if somebody stickity stook their penis in your arm hole and did things to it, such as fucking it? Want some sex cake faggot?
Jacko, Chapter 21, Page 11

Jacko the Troll is a troll appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He appears to hunt down Silver's group in Troll City, and later appears as part of the city's defense when Demaro and Coyote are battling.


At Troll City's Zoo, Jacko was involved in an incident with his friend. Jacko sneaks into an ostrich pen and steals its' egg. He then asks his friend to move as far away as possible to catch the egg as Jacko throws it. After moving as far as possible, Jacko throws the egg, but misses his friend and injures a baby lion. The baby lion's guardian then charges at Jacko's friend and chomps down on his neck.

Some time in the past, Jacko once had an incident with a of his. While shopping at a Walmart, Jacko brags about trolling an old woman to his friend. Seeking mischief, he picks up a bottle of Dr. Dick Juice and asks his friend to go as far as possible to catch it. His friend is unable to go any further, but Jacko throws the bottle anyway, brutally injuring a small baby when it misses his friend. As he prepares to throw another object, Jacko has a moment of recollection where he recalls the events of at the zoo.

Closer to the present, Jacko and other trolls are tasked with hunting down Silver and his friends after they infiltrate Troll King's castle. The group finds Silver hiding out in Underbite Troll's home and they proceed to take Underbite Troll and Markus hostage. He is shocked when Fudd reveals his powers of necromancy, but manages to escape unharmed.

Jacko appears alongside several other trolls to help defend Troll City from Demaro and Coyote's potential threats. He charges alone at Demaro, and is trapped within a sphere created by Demaro. Inside the sphere, he begings to troll Demaro as he ineffectively attempts to crush Jacko within the sphere.

Jacko draws a third eye on his forehead using Gayola crayon and begins to mock Demaro. He begins to recall his previous mischief at Walmart and the Zoo and explains his story to everyone in a flashback. As the flashbacks end, the other trolls (barring Teabagger Troll and Demaro) are amazed by his story. Demaro once again tries to crush Jacko within the sphere, but is unsuccesful. Jacko begins to masturbate before Demaro chooses to shatter the sphere and forms several sharp projectiles mid air to impale Jacko, killing him.

Later, after Coyote is drawn into Demaro's forehead, Demaro under the influence of Miladox draws in the corpses of all the trolls slain by Demaro beforehand. Jacko's corpse is then dragged into Miladox's realm, and his soul is absorbed into the beast, powering Miladox up.


Jacko, like many trolls, is quite chaotic, and enjoys trolling others, spreading causing misery all around. He does not appear to have any morals, seeing as he immediately suggests killing Markus while holding him and Underbite hostage, and keeps a large grin on his face after injuring a baby and watching his friend get mauled by a lion.


Jacko has no physical abilities of note. He has not displayed any unique abilities besides his trolling prowess.