Defenders' Base

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Amy and Knuckles meet up with Tails inside Cheeto Man's room.

The Defenders' base is a location shown within the world of Tails Gets Trolled. Here, The Defenders are gathered to plot against The Trolls, but in reality, the base acts as a center for Cheeto Man's drug and prostitution rings. It located deep within the ground of the Cocoa Jungle, with few exits.


Tails is taken to the base when he is kidnapped by Doug and Skeeter after a day at the water park. He is then chained and interrogated by the two, but after Pori explains that he is not a troll, he is freed. Afterwards, Pori offers Tails a chance to join the Defenders, to which he accepts. He is then taken to Pacman's throne, where Pacman explains the purpose of them seeking him out and that he must train to eventually learn the "Soul Bond".

From then on, Tails begins his training with various members of the Defenders. He moves from Woodstock, to Batman, to Hello Kitty, to Kermit, to Spyro, to Cheeto Man, to Dexter, to Vivian, to Ronald.

After Ronald attempts to kill Tails out of jealousy, he is placed under the care of Spyro and Cheeto Man. They regroup with Knuckles, who is buying weed from Cheeto Man. The group then decides to get high together. They begin in the back room where Knuckles buys weed from Cheeto Man and begin smoking. During their conversation, many remarks about Hello Kitty's sexual encounters with other characters are made, causing Doug and Cheeto Man to become uncomfortable. After Doug eventually passes out, the group moves over to Cheeto Man's personalized room.

Cheeto Man brings the group to his room.

Knuckles calls over bitches as suggested by Cheeto Man. After they arrive, Spyro, Jessy, Knuckles, and Rouge decide to play pool together while Patty leaves to say hello to Doug. She stumbles upon him in the middle of having sex with Skeeter, and snaps a picture of the two, giving it to Cheeto Man later to make fun of him with. On her way back, she encounters Amy and Hello Kitty, and invites them to join the party.

At the party, Tonya drops in unexpectedly and greets her "Daddy", Cheeto Man. Cheeto Man pulls her aside to speak with her in private and tells her not to call him that in front of the guests. He allows her to join the party but threatens to harm her if she acts out of place.

Spyro's game of pool ends with him having sex with both Jessy and Rouge while Tails is invited to join the hot tub with Knuckles and Amy (after Hello Kitty attempts to lead him somewhere else to be alone together). Amy explains her horrific backstory to Tails and Knuckles and moves in to kiss Tails when she is finished, angering Hello Kitty, who is watching from the side. Hello Kitty yanks Amy out of the pool and they begin to fight, but Knuckles breaks them up and takes Amy with him. In their own rooms, Knuckles confesses his feelings for Amy and though she does not care for his (much) in return, they have sex in order to pass the clap on. Tails and Hello Kitty also have sex while a ghostly image of Ronald watches.

The next day, Knuckles meets with Cheeto Man to give up Amy to join his list of prostitutes. Knuckles then reveals to him that they all have the clap as a result of his trickey, causing Cheeto Man to attack. Knuckles is nearly killed, but gathers the strength to attack when he hears Tails' voice. Cheeto Man lets the two of them go, and together, Knuckles and Tails escape from the Defenders' base.

Notable Locations

  • Interrogation room - used by Doug and Skeeter to question Tails.
  • Pacman's throne - where Pacman sits and explains to Tails his plan for him.
  • Various training rooms used by each Defender during their training sessions with Tails.
  • Spyro's room - where Cheeto Man conducts drug deals with others and where Tails, Knuckles, Spyro, and Doug join him to start smoking weed.
  • Meditation room - where Kermit uses the Intellect Bond on Ronald to attempt and find out his reason for attacking Tails.
  • Cheeto Man's crib - A fancy, decked out room where the gang moves to after Doug passes out. Contains a billiards table, a table with a giant bong that creates a cube of cheese which traps people inside, a white tiger rug, and a hot tub. It also features a window with a view of the Cocoa Jungle.
  • Skeeter's bedroom - where Doug and Skeeter have sex after Doug mistakes Skeeter for Vivian.
  • Backyard - where Amy parks her plane after arriving at the party.
  • Blue back area (green/red wall decorations) - where Cheeto Man takes Tonya to scold her.
  • Cheeto Man's bedroom - where Hello Kitty and Tails have sex. Has a secret path hidden behind a bookshelf leading to the Cocoa Jungle.
  • Arthur's room - where Arthur attempts to see a glimpse of the past and future, joined by Vivian. Has various books and potions in the background.
  • Other back room - where Knuckles and Amy go to after the hot tub.
  • "Exchange" room - a green room where Knuckles goes to give up Amy to Cheeto Man.