Chapter 16: The Guardians part 2

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Chapter 16:
The Guardians part 2
Release dates
Cover date January 31, 2013
Page date February 1, 2013 -
April 29, 2013
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Chapter 16: The Guardians part 2 is the sixteenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled, continuing on from the events of the 15th. Tom mourns for the death of his friend Sylvester at the hands of Troll Face. Elsewhere Ronald McDonald attempts to apologize to Tails while Rob and Hindo continue to battle.


The Battle Continues

Following the events at the end of Chapter 15, Sylvester lies bleeding out on the floor. Tom becomes very emotional as he asks Sylvester why he protected him to begin with. Sylvester reveals that he always cared for Tom despite his constant bickering and that he considers him family. Tom begs for him not to die but Sylvester soon passes. As punishment for not controlling his emotions, the markings on Tom's hand move and his powers are taken away.

Tom begins to puke a large amount of blood and is dazed over what had happened. Troll Face shoots another bullet at Tom to finish him off, but Silver appears and uses his powers to deflect the bullet away from Tom. Troll Face demonstrates a surprising amount of mobility, propelling himself away from Silver's attacks using the force his his shotgun blasts. Troll Face escapes, leaving Silver and Tom alone. Silver calls Blaze to explain what had happened before the scene moves back to Coyote.

Coyote, picking up from where his fight left off, awaits for Demaro to make his next move. A stray lightning bolt from Hindo and Rob nearly strikes him as he uses the Yin Yang Serpents to spy on Demaro underground. Demaro notices the white serpent and captures it within a sphere alongside the other serpend and Road Runner. Unfortunately for him, the captives easily slip out of their cages and the two snakes begin to spin around Demaro, causing his vision to blur before they tire out and are recalled by Coyote.

Demaro rips out his eyeballs using his strings and uses them to "repair" his eyes before slotting them back in, impressing Coyote, who notes that he had to do the same thing when capturing the Serpents for himself.


Meanwhile, in the Defenders' Base, Ronald McDonald apologizes to Pacman for attacking Tails. Pacman forgives Ronald and permits him to apologize to Tails under the supervision of Kermit the Frog. Kermit appears, attempting to warn Pacman of what Ronald did but sees that he was beaten to the point, and escorts Ronald out to find Tails, scolding him on the way.

Hindo throws up several spark spiders to chase after Rob.

Outside the base, Tails and seen smoking with Cheeto Man. Tails asks of Cheeto Man's past and his imprisonment and he explains it to him. Cheeto Man explains that he was taken away from his family as a child and was kept as a war pet for The Trolls and goes into his hatred for their kind due to how they treat others, or expect pity from others if hurt when they do not show the same to their victims. He also advises Tails to be careful due to his innocence as it can potentially lead to him becoming a troll or being lead into a path of revenge while also advising him to pay attention, echoing the words of Hello Kitty.

Soon, Kermit and Ronald arrive. Tails is angered when seeing Ronald and has difficulty accepting his apology, even stating that he wishes to harm him in return. Ultimately, Tails chooses not to get revenge as he thinks of Sonic and what he would have done in this situation, and Ronald leaves with Kermit.

The scene moves over to Hindo and Rob's fight. Hindo pukes out several spark spiders to chase Rob but they are repelled by Rob using his Dragonborn powers. Hindo pits up a static field to slow Rob down, but the hero presses on and manages to barely escape from the spiders. Hindo then creates a large bolt of lightning and shoots it towards Rob, who is caught off guard when he sees that Hindo can manually control it. Rob falls into a lake badly beaten and nearly drowns, but manages to gather the willpower to awaken himself.