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For a list of cameos, see here. For a list of mentioned characters, see here. For a list of characters used by The Neutrals, see here.
Grapeface calls out a troll that lacks distinctive features.

This is a list of minor background characters appearing throughout the series.

Background characters

Chapter 9 church members

See also: Chad, Brogan, Chris Chin, and Evangeline.

Al Sex O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan's brother. A Christian who is first seen on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 19 in the background, slashing apart a Satanist with his sword. He is later seen during the service for those who were lost during Chapter 9. He attempts to attack Sinu in a rage after he enters the church only to be killed by one of the skeletons summoned.

Bob of Booey

A bald, gray shirted Christian seen alongside Father Bartholomew, Brian Damage and Radiant Tanner. They lead the attack on the Satanists on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 18. He is shot in the face by one of Minion's skeletons.

Brian Damage

A Christian first seen alongside Father Bartholomew, wielding a spear on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 18. He is later seen among the crowd attending the service for the fallen pastors during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence and is killed during Sinu's assault.

Father Bartholomew and Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan

Father Bartholomew (left) and Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan (right)
after him, he must die!! god demands it, we must kill him for god
—Father Bartholomew , Chapter 9, Page 13
everyone KILL HIM NOW!!!! he must die god demands it
—Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan, Chapter 9, Page 13

A gray haired and red haired pair of pastors who harass Porky during Chapter 9: fuds choice. They are known as Father Bartholomew (named by Phantom Ghostmas) and Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan (named by Beau-tiful) respectively.

Gene Jorts

An athletic Christian first seen leaping around the battlefield on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 19. He is later seen attending Sister Fister's service for the fallen pastors in Chapter 25: Wicked Influence and is one of the survivors of Sinu's visit.

Mrs No Kisses

Chad's wife who is seen shocked when Porky accidentally uses his Neutral powers to revive Pastor Henrey. According to Chad, she was never intimate with him. She is killed during Sinu's visit to the church in Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2 by one of the skeletons when she announces that Chris Chin and Evangeline are banned from the church.

Radiant Tanner

A bald Christian wearing a red shirt, first seen alongside Father Bartholomew, Bob of Booey, and Brian Damage rushing to attack the Satanists on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 18. As Chris Chin and Evangeline torch the church with molotovs, he kneels in prayer hoping for salvation but is struck by one of the bottles and is presumably killed.

Sister Fister

An elderly Christian seen leading the prayer on Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2, Page 1. She is briefly seen next to Mrs No Kisses and Chad as Porky unintentionally reveals his powers. She is slain by a skeleton shooting her with a crossbow during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence.

Vinny the Piss (Christian)

Not to be confused with a minor troll also named Vinny the Piss.

A Christian first seen in the background during chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 19, aiming his gun. He is later seen during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, where he is selected by Brogan to be killed as part of an "initiation ritual" set up by Chris Chin.


Bart Ender

hey guys
—Bart Ender, Chapter 8, Page 19

The bartender of the bar on 24th Street. He threatens to kick Tom and Sylvester out of the bar as they have apparently fought in his bar before. The name "Bart Ender" was suggested by caw.

Chapter 9 Satanists (Bjorn and Lettuce Head)

Two members of the group, known as Lettuce Head (left) and Bjorn (right).
we cant let you kill them
—Bjorn, Chapter 9, Page 18
satan is the only lord and he doesn't favor christains so die!!
—Lettuce Head, Chapter 9, Page 18

A gang of Satanists who appear out of the blue to stop the Christians from killing Coyote and his friends. The yellow-haired individual is known as Bjorn while the green-haired individual is known as Lettuce Head. The names were suggested by Embergram and RedditHater respectively.

Bjorn is later referenced during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence where it is explained that he and Kelic were in charge of guarding the fountain. Chris Chin and Evangeline are stated to have recovered his corpse and the others slain during the battle (presumably including Lettuce Head) and moved them to a drop off point for recovery. Bjorn is also stated to be the "Brother" of Sinu's lover, Freya.

Chapter 11 Villagers / Floridians

The gang of villagers, featuring Little Timmy (panel 1).
what is that in the sky?
—Little Timmy, Chapter 11, Page 7

A group of villagers appearing in Chapter 11 who are decimated by Shadow. Later, they appear in a non-canon Dragon Ball Z themed page where they are revealed to be from Florida, drawing Vegeta's hatred. The young child is known as Little Timmy and was named by Exorine.

James Cordon


A small rabbit appearing on The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 10. The Fist in Poo Clan use him to try and figoure out how sex works, but they wind up urinating on him. His name James Cordon was suggested by YuraYT.

Lemon Stealing Whore

i wont lie. ive always had a thing for pigs. i like a man with some meat on there bone
—Lemon Stealing Whore, Chapter 8, Page 21

A busty, blonde woman appearing in Chapters 8 and 9. She seduces Porky and leads him to a bathroom where the two have sex. Afterwards she gifts Porky with her bra and steals his belongings unbeknownst to him. The name Lemon Stealing Whore was suggested by cheesey.

Tyrannosaurus Sex

I so have a dino stiffy right about nowwww!

A gay dinosaur appearing in Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders. He is a friend of Gay Skat and helps Gay Tails with his makeover. His initial label was Gay Raptor after Embergram was asked about the characters name, but after the poll to name unnamed characters, he was officially named Tyrannosaurus Sex by chapple.


Minor reoccurring trolls

Trolls that appear in more than one chapter.


This fight has been going on for SO LONG that I don't even remember why it started in the first place! It's NEVER going to end! Not to mention the new artwork is too good, it really misses the point of Tails Gets Trolled...the old art had SOUL!! And why is Coyote showing too much emotion? AND WHY DO THEY KEEP SHOWING HIS ASS!?
—(You), Chapter 23, Page 12

A troll lacking in facial features and color. He complains about the state of the comic, wanting to go back to seeing what Tails and Shadow are up to, before he is cut down the middle by a Miladox empowered Demaro. He later returns after being freed from Miladox's body to complain once more, criticizing the soulless art-style and prominent display of Coyote's ass in Chapter 23. His name was suggested by cheesey and Red engi Gay gay.


Shadow hasn't done anything to you, he's just a fucking noob.

A troll with blue skin, wearing a brown shirt. He initially shows up as part of Jacko the Troll's group hunting down Silver. Later, he accompanies the Troll King who is searching for the Words of Death, and has his head snapped off by Troll King. Named suggested by caw.

He makes a brief appearance in Tails Gets Gay as well, where he offers Gay Troll King a cookie from his neck pussy.

Cleveland Brown

—Cleveland Brown, Chapter 21, Page 19

A black troll sporting a mustache and afro, dressed in green. He is seen in the crowd during TAoUT and is killed by Demaro during Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, Page 4.

Chapter 26 Trolls (Troll 1, Troll 2 & Troll 3)

From left to right: Troll 3, Troll 1 and Troll 2.

Three troll who first appear in Chapter 26 trolling The Narrorator. Later, they reappear in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 30. Troll 3 and Troll 1 are both killed by Spongebob.


A troll with a large bucktooth who makes minor appearances over the course of Chapters 14 and 15. He has a pet turtle and begs to be spared from Silver so he can watch over his turtle. Named by metto.

Expert Dick Sucker

I'll suck your dick if you let me go.. Your big beasty dick!
—Expert Dick Sucker, Chapter 22, Page 2

A troll wearing a sleeveless blue shirt. He is spotted in the crowd watching the trolling competition in TAoUT. When cornered by Demaro and his Guardian, he offers to suck Dusk Hunter's dick in order to survive but is killed by Demaro launching himself from inside his Guardian, slashing his neck.


An obese brown skinned troll seen in the audience for the trolling tournament in TAoUT, and later seen as part of the group showing up to interrupt Coyote and Demaro's battle. His soul is sucked into Miladox's realm and once freed, he is seen with (You) listening to him rant.


.....I is not stayin here any longah!!!
—FabGhettoZuko, Chapter 25.5, Page 17

A dark skinned, purple haired troll seen accompanying Pori in search of Silver. He flees after hearing the sound of the hell hounds and was later killed and eaten by Wilson and Willow after he triggered a net trap.


YOOOOOO!!! I fucking found a fucking cannon man! Woahhh fuckin right? I'm so fuckin gonna shoot it! FUUUUUCKKKK!!!
—LOUD FUCK, Chapter 21, Page 15

A troll armed with a cannon. Fires a shot at Demaro, breaking his arm, before fleeing in horror and is shortly killed by a trap under the ground. His soul is among those who are absorbed by Miladox in Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3, but is freed later. Also has a tendency to overuse the "Fuck" word in his speech. His name was suggested by siah.

Master Queef

...I'm sure it's no surprise of what game i prefer.. Gears of War of course!

A troll wearing a helmet that resembles Master Chief of the Halo series. He shows up in The Adventures of Underbite Troll to teabag the tournament registrar after his suicide, declaring that Troll Face has passed a new law stating that the dead are to be teabagged immediately. He later appears during Chapter 21 to protect Troll City from Demaro and Coyote's battle, but is killed, not before revealing his love for Gears of War. His soul is later absorbed into Miladox. The name Master Queef was suggested by Samsonese, amystry18 and an anonymous voter.


Yo, before i die, i wanted to thank our Patreon subscribers! Tommy Kaira, IKK, Puke Fukem. And thanks to our sugar Daddy Avbrey C& aelig;sar!! More thanks to come, bitches!

A strange troll with black skin and a pink suit adorned with a dark blue bra and panties. He confronts Demaro and attempts to fight him 1-on-1 but is quickly killed, but not before shouting out the comic's (as of then) Patreon subscribers. He later reappears when freed from Miladox's body to re-thank the new Patreon subscribers for their generosity. The name "Patreoll" was suggested by Trimbo.

PS2 racing game background character

Every man for himself RUN!!!
—PS2 racing game background character , Chapter 21, Page 19

A troll carrying a foam finger seen cheering from the stands in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 11. He then reappears to Demaro in Chapter 21 to lead an army of four, but the army is shot and shredded into pieces by the neutral.

Red troll

A troll dressed in all red. He is seen in the crowd watching the trolling championship and then murdered alongside many others during Demaro's rampage, shot alongside PS2 racing game background character's army by string missiles, causing the entire group to be torn into pieces.

Sneed and Sneed

Yeah but that unbreakable thing? Ya know? It can't be broken...

A pair of yellow-skinned trolls who appear as backup to defend Troll City during Demaro and Coyote's battle. They are also briefly seen in the crowd during the match between the BiteUnder Squad and The Fist in Poo Clan during The Adventures of Underbite Troll. The one with the green tie is burned alive by Demaro's toxic vines and is also noted to have a white penis. The other troll boasting to be many things such as a rich bitch, a shinobi, and even Neo, throws a brick at Demaro. He is murdered alongside Varic on Chapter 21, Page 18. Together, they share the name Sneed, which was suggested by two anonymous voters, Peper, Ellis Stothard, Crumpet, Exorine, and Vitamin G.

THE Mr. Butt Fairy

Those fuck nip douche fags will bleed from all holes.

A troll appearing to help defend Troll City during Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1 and is one of the two leaders of the first platoon. He Jacko's friend with benefits, though it is stated that the two only do "butt stuff" with each other. Sneed (more specifically the one who claims to be "Fucking Neo") also states that he allegedly owes him a blow job, while also referring to him as a "butt fairy". He was shortly after, decapitated by Demaro's toxic vines. His ghost briefly appears after Miladox is compressed, lamenting his lack of an asshole as a ghost and his inability to receive anal sex as a result. His name is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd place results (Mr. Butt Fairy, suggested by Chaz and THE Butt Fairy, suggested by Wicked Bee) for the "Butt Fairy" troll. The results were combined after a suggestion to Embergram that they could be used together as the results were similar in theme.[1]


You noobs getting your asses kicked by the guy from 127 hours.. Damn. We're your backup bitch! Lili and Stitch..

A troll with white hair and a long white beard and mustache, dressed in purple. He appears briefly in the audience during TAoUT's trolling competition, and is one of the victim's of Demaro's rampage during Chapter 22. He was named by AbominationGod.

One-off trolls

Notable trolls that appear in only one chapter of the comic and have some (or none at all) lines of dialogue. They were generally unnamed until the January 2022 unnamed characters poll.


your one fat looking fat guy
—Austin, Chapter 1, Page 21

A troll with a strangely box shaped head appearing on Chapter 1, Page 21. He and his friend troll a Goomba before they are crushed by Mario and Luigi. Named by Pin Clock.

Autofellatio Man

Sucking your own dick isn't gay, it's accepted now.
—Autofellatio Man, Chapter 22, Page 14

A troll who attempts to suck his own dick. Unfortunately, his own dick is cut off by Demaro causing him to run off in pain. His penis is absorbed into Miladox's realm.

Blue Bitch

A Blue haired troll that Demaro kills in Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, Page 4. Named by epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor).

Butthole Lips

..Oh my God, this will be my first official golden shower!..
—Butthole Lips, Chapter 25, Page 23

A troll that initially appears to have a butthole for his lips. He experiences his first "golden shower" via Coyote.

Chapter 13 Trolls

Various trolls rushing to be trapped, including Yogurt Tits (panel 1), Big Mouth (2017) (panel 4), Chip, and Cut Off John (panel 5 & 6).
Nathen Fredrick Tailor "NFT" being stabbed by Silver.

A mass of trolls who rush out to confront Silver and friends after they set off a large explosion. Coyote then puzzles the group by asking them "whats unbreakable that can be broken" before Silver drops a large cage on them. Afterwards, they are speared to death by Silver and Blaze.

The members of the group with dialogue have been named Yogurt Tits (suggested by Phantom Ghostmas), Big Mouth (2017) (suggested by Anon but could be referred to as Mae), Cut off John (suggested by Big balls guy), and Nathen Fredrick Tailor "NFT" (also suggested by Phantom Ghostmas).

Chinese John

dose this guy have a brain tumor or something?
—Chinese John, Chapter 8, Page 6

An armed and dangerous troll who appears to try and capture Silver and his group. He kills Underbite Troll before having his own head blasted off by Fudd. Named by Big balls guy.


—Cybershell, Chapter 6, Page 17

A troll appearing on Chapter 6, Page 17. He wears a Troll Face mask and listens to Underbite Troll preach about Silver. Named by YuraYT.

Doug Walken

Yeah.. Let's go before she decides to eat us, i don't want to be eaten out.
—Doug Walken, Chapter 17, Page 13

A troll wearing glasses who appears on Chapter 17, Page 13, trolling Rosie ODonald. He and his friend later overdose on pills and die. Named by Phantom Ghostmas.

Ebenezer D. Nutz

im so scared, hold my hand
—Ebenezer D. Nutz, Chapter 13, Page 17

A troll wearing a top hat who appears on chapter 13: taking action part 2, Page 17 with his friends. He is not seen being attacked by any of Tom and Sylvester's puppets, but it is not likely that he survived their onslaught. Named by aboatwithlegs.

G. I. Jerkoff

oh hell yeah hes got that awesome fucking grass, i call it the gra gra
—G. I. Jerkoff, Chapter 10, Page 5

A troll wearing military gear, first appearing in chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, Page 5. He initially dismisses Knuckles as a red faggot before being pacified by weed. Named by Secret Cunt.

Ginger Bread

A orange haired troll that Demaro kills in Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, Page 4. Named by NeuroN.

Hacker troll

—Hacker troll, Chapter 14, Page 4

An obese troll found in Troll King's castle hacking a person's YouTube and DeviantArt accounts. He is quickly killed by Sylvester. He is based off of the hacker who took over Lazerbot's own DeviantArt and YouTube accounts during Chapter 11.

Hump in the fuck

i dont know what i stepped on but it was kind of nasty yeah yeah, i follow the beat with my meat, i got so much swag
—Hump in the fuck, Chapter 14, Page 5

A musical troll who first appears on Chapter 14, Page 4. As he sings to himself, he nonchalantly steps on Tweety and destroys the bird, much to Sylvester's annoyance. His neck is then broken by Granny.


I won't die today! Just follow my training! Either I kill my enemy, or he kills me!
—Jasper, Chapter 25.5, Page 17

A troll helping Pori track down Silver and his friends. After finding the group, he is attacked by Tom, his nose is slashed off and later blown up by Perky Jackson's stolen shotgun.

James "Wants to be MegaMan" Baxter and Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" Black

Man.. Fights are so much better when drunk, i love to drink...
—James "Wants to be MegaMan" Baxter, Chapter 21, Page 8
Haha man, you're drunk.. Hahahaa bird poop to da doop, out of a basketball hoop.
—Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" Black, Chapter 21, Page 9

Drunk brown-skinned trolls that appear to defend Troll City from Demaro (and Coyote). The one with darker skin is obliterated by a trap set in the floor by Demaro on Chapter 21, Page 19, while the other has his head blown up by Demaro during Chapter 22, Page 4. Both names were suggested by Crpal.

Jolly Green Faggot

I Can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!
—Jolly Green Faggot, Chapter 21, Page 11

A green troll with yellow teeth. During Jacko's youth, he would play catch with Jacko. He has a tendency to run into walls while catching things. He is killed when Jacko throws an egg at a cub, enraging a lion that chomps down on his neck. Named by nexus/Nexus Yoda.


I get so lonely...Please love me, someone please love me!! YOU'RE LUCKY YOU KNOW, NO ONE BASHES YOU DOWN, IT'S ALL FUN FOR YOU! BUT ME? NAH! I FUCKING HATE MYSElF!! Hehe oh nevermind me..

The troll in charge of registering teams for the trolling tournament, first seen in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 5. He is desperate for sex and mentions attempting to have sex with his cat in the past, and commits suicide after Underbite Troll banters with him. Named by caw.


maybe this dumb looking dumb dude can get us some twinkies
—Nickacado, Chapter 10, Page 5

An obese troll who appears to have a liking for Twinkies. Appears on Chapter 10, Page 5. Named by chapple.

Nicolas Gay

...Oh my fucking Shrek! WOOOOOOW, OMG!!! OMG!!! The bees are stinging my eyes!!
—Nicolas Gay, Chapter 25, Page 23

A very humanlike troll who appears on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 23. He cries out in pain as Coyote's strings enter his body.

No Fucking Toriginality

And why do you look the same in every panel? It's as if Lazerbot got lazy and copied and pasted you, dickhead.
—Underbite Troll when speaking to No Fucking Toriginality, The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 22

The new person in charge of handling team related matters during the trolling tournament in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, following the suicide of the previous troll. He appears the same in every panel of Page 22, leading to Underbite Troll concluding that Lazerbot must have not cared about him. Named by sherb (@gamingsexhaver).

Old Man Paper Towel

Vibes come and go you know? You only feel the true thrill of it, just once..
—Old Man Paper Towel, Chapter 25, Page 23

An elderly troll who is seen on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 23 as Coyote rains down his strings on Troll City.


A troll who appears on Chapter 13, Page 17. He is assaulted by Spike (T&J). Named by Keen.

Perky Jackson

I better be promoted for this!
—Perky Jackson, Chapter 25.5, Page 21

A bald, shotgun using troll helping Pori track down Silver. As the groups confront each other, he assists the other trolls by firing his gun, only to get disarmed and have his head blasted by Tom with the shotgun.


yea what the fuck are you anyways? you damn abomination. lol hes got a big mouth. i bet hes good at. you know sucking
—PussySlayer9000, Chapter 1, Page 21

A troll with white hair and freckles appearing on Chapter 1, Page 21. He and his companion are seen trolling a random Goomba before the Mario Bros. intervene. Named by G F P.

Rage Boner of Africa

A troll with blue face paint appearing on chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, Page 5. After Knuckles stumbles high into their camp, he suggests shooting Knuckles in the buttocks and licking the hole to fulfill their sexual desires. Named by Phantom Ghostmas.

Redneck John

A troll redneck who owns a .png truck and appears on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 27. He muses over a brown baby appearing on the diaper box before it turns out he insulted Smoke-n-Token wife as he appears and attacks him.

Rigor Mortpiss

if anything is gonna make this body dirty it's him. troll faces words himself.a highly disturbed individual, he cleans them in such a way to make them last longer, sick fuck

A brown skinned troll performing biosbys on corpses within Troll Fortress. He reveals to Elmer Fudd that Troll Face prohibits him from doing work on any of his corpses because he prefers to take personal care of his own corpses, ensuring their optimal status as his sex toys. Shortly afterwards, he is scorched to death by a reanimated Luigi. Named by Kris from Tails Gets Podcast.

Slick Pete

Take this five dollar foot long you bitch, ketchup free fatass.
—Pompadour troll, Chapter 17, Page 13

A young troll appearing on Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment, Page 13. He trolls Rosie ODonald by throwing a five dollar foot long at her and laughing as she consumes it. He later overdoses on sleep pills and is killed. Named by NeuroN.


A random dark-skinned individual guy appearing on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 27, attacking Redneck John after he insults his wife, the "negro baby on the box of diapers".

Square Head

A brown-skinned troll with chipped teeth as a result of Troll City's Cereal Roulette. Appears on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 27.

The Man with No Plan

An armed and dangerous troll who appears to try and capture Silver and his group. Named by Phantom Ghostmas.

Troll Fortress Guards

From left to right: Red, Blue, Green, and Nigga Troll

A squad of four trolls who stop The Neighborhood Watch from advancing by demanding a "Troll Fortress Pass", obtained through sexual acts. The suggestions to make the red, blue and green guards simply named Red/Blue/Green were suggested by Cupcake Pelle and an anonymous voter (all three), Secret Cunt and Red engi Gay Gay (Red), and G F P (Green). The name Nigga Troll was suggested by Peper.

Troll Queen

and i found some. acouple females because back in that time females was also treated like shit and a couple of robbers. thats how i found my beautiful wife and how we started our family
—Troll King, Chapter 3, Page 18

First appears in chapter 3: the truth, Page 18. As the name implies, she is the Troll King's wife and mother to Troll Face. As mentioned by Troll King, women back in the day were treated unfairly like trolls, leading to the two bonding and eventually having a child. The name was suggested by multiple users, including Xᴇɴᴏɴ, BengyBoy, Abdboo and two anonymous voters.

Twat Sandwich

Twat Sandwich (Chapter 25, Page 23)
Twat Sandwich (Chapter 25, Page 27)
......Ahhhhhhhhh!!..... AHHHHHH!!!!...
—Twat Sandwich, Chapter 25, Page 23
I'm like, pretty confident with my ablility to decipher flavors... I'm pretty sure i got cum in mine, and i can tell that they recently ate pineapple..
—Twat Sandwich, Chapter 25, Page 27

A female troll appearing in Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 23. She appears to be aroused as she experiences Coyote's "golden shower".

A different troll with the name Twat Sandwich also appears on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 27, wearing a pink hoodie and proudly speaks of his ability to taste pineapple from cum.

Vinny the Piss (Troll)

what the hell is going on?
—Vinny the Piss, Chapter 14, Page 17
Not to be confused with a Christian by the name of Vinny the Piss.

A troll wearing a beanie who appears on chapter 14: puppet battle, Page 17. After the coroner is incinerated, he appears with his deformed companion and is kicked aside by Elmer Fudd controlling Luigi. Named by serialartistry.


oh shitty balls
—xX_ShadowGamer_Xx, Chapter 13, Page 17

A blue troll appearing on chapter 13: taking action part 2, Page 17. He is grappled and crushed by Big Bird. Named by epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor).