Troll Face's Group

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Troll Face's group

Purpose Trolling
First appearance Chapter 25

Troll Face's Group of characters are a gang of rage comics first appearing in Chapter 25: Wicked Influence. They consist of various faces from "rage comics" as well as Poptart Cat and a Troll Doll.



  • Obama (named from the original preview post)
  • Jacky Chan (named from the original preview post, spelled as Jacky Chan)
  • Poptart Cat

Unofficially named

  • Forever Alone Face
  • Me Gusta Face
  • Y U NO Face
  • LOL Face
  • Bitch Please Face / Yao Ming
  • Troll Doll


Troll Face's crew consists of 10 characters, not including Troll Face himself. Obama appears similar to the former US President Barack Obama, with his skin colored pure white instead. Likewise, Jacky Chan, like Obama, is similar in the sense that he resembles real life celebrity Jackie Chan making an agitated expression. Similar to the two is Bitch Please Face / Yao Ming who bears resemblance to real life basketball player Yao Ming with the main difference being his skin which is pure white.

Forever Alone Face is a large bulky man, with a massive head / chin, and appears to be the largest of the group. PFFFTTTCHH Face takes on the appearance of a man biting his lower lip as if he is holding back laughter. Me Gusta Face takes on the appearance of cross eyed man with a wide, demented grin. Y U NO Face appears to be more obese than his cohorts, and has the face of a man in anger. LOL Face appears to be slightly taller than the others and is seen with bulging out eyes and a tall mouth that extends forward from his face.

Troll Face's crew also consists of two other characters unrelated to the rage comic faces. Poptart Cat appears as a gray cat with a poptart for its body, hovering behind the crew. A small troll doll is also seen in the corner, with brown skin and brushy, blonde hair.


Troll Face's crew first appears in the comic during a vision held by Arthur in Chapter 25. The gang appears before Arthur and his friends, discussing who gets to rape which character.

Real Life Origins

Rage Faces

"Rage faces", also known as "rage comics" refers to a simplistic style of webcomic made using the titular faces to describe various everyday / fantasy scenarios.

Me Gusta

The "Me Gusta" face was originally created by May Oswald and first appeared on March 18th, 2010.[1]

Forever Alone

The Forever Alone face's origins, according to Know Your Meme, is said to be from FunnyJunk, uploaded by a user name Azuul. The actual artist behind the face is not confirmed, but the website cites Dominic Vanner as the artist.


The facial expression used in the Y U NO face comes from the Japanese manga Gantz, or more specifically, Chapter 55 of the series.


The exact origin of the LOL Face is not concrete, but in an email sent to Know Your Meme[2], it is said that it was first posted on /b/ on June 14th, 2010. The earliest recorded instance of the face was seen on reddit's /r/f7u12 subreddit.[3]


PFFFTTTCHH's first appearance on the internet happened on November 29th, 2009, when Redditor u/HalfDemon1122 posted a rage comic featuring the face to /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu.[4] The face itself appears to be traced from a DeviantArt emoji known as "Plz".[5]

Faces based on actual people

Not Bad / Barack Obama

Barack Obama, whom the "Not Bad" face was based off of, was the 44th president of the United States of America, serving from January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017. The expression from which his rage face was derived from comes from a photo taken during his visit to the Buckingham Palace, where he and his wife, Michelle Obama, are seen making the expressions.

My Brain is Full of Fuck / Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is an actor originating from Hong Kong who has starred in many different movies and television series. The meme "My Brain is Full of Fuck" originally was not associated with him, but gained popularity after it was used as an image macro featuring Jackie Chan looking confused. The facial expression/gesture originates from a press conference during the 2005 Toronto Film Festival for the movie "The Myth", where Jackie Chan was captured in photo form making the gesture.

Bitch Please / Yao Ming Face

Yao Ming is a professional basketball player. His facial expression used as a base for the rage face was captured from a post-game conference during May 2009.[6]

Other members

Poptart Cat

Poptart Cat, more popularly known as Nyan Cat, originates from a drawing / animation made by Chris Torres, posted on the daily comics site LOL-COMICS. A video on YouTube was then posted on April 5th, 2011 featuring Torres' animation with the Japanese Vocaloud song Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya playing in the background, according to the website Know Your Meme.[7]

Troll Doll

Troll dolls are a type of toy originally created by Danish artist Thomas Dam. Since then, the toys have wavered in popularity, hitting a point in the 1990s where they recieved video games based on them according to Wikipedia.[8]


  • A preview of the group was originally posted on the lltailsgetstrolledll DeviantArt account on March 4th, 2017, nearly 4 years before it would see an appearance in the actual comic. Some of the text also differs.[9]