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"ok everyone! do you guys see this paper? well theres nothing on it yet but there will be"

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Biographical info
Relatives Mugman (brother)
Physical description
Species Cup-headed humanoid
Gender Male
Skin color White (head), black (body), red (nose)
Hair color White (liquid)
Eye color Black
Personal information
Occupation Checkers player
Allies Mugman
Enemies Retard Double Threat
Likes Checkers
Dislikes Retard Double Threat
First appearance Bugs & Daffys Story. Chapter 1, Page 10
Last appearance Bugs & Daffys Story. Chapter 1, Page 10
In real life
Actual name Cuphead
First appearance Cuphead (2017)
Franchise Cuphead

Cuphead is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Cuphead first appears with his brother Mugman during Tails Gets Gay: Bugs & Daffys Story., where the two of them are shown playing checkers. Bugs and Daffy pass by, looking for the Retard Double Threat and meet the pair. Cuphead mentions seeing them before and describes them as "boring" before Mugman gives them their location.

Real Life Origins

Cuphead is from the indie platformer game of the same name.