Ms. Frizzle's class

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Ms. Frizzle's class

(Not pictured: Arthur)
First appearance Chapter 25

Ms. Frizzle's class are a group of wizards led by Ms. Frizzle herself.


Much of the group's actions in the past are unknown, but at some point in time, Arthur would find himself being tied into The Defenders. Ms. Frizzle sets out to find a way of freeing Arthur from the group and enlists the aid of Saralite, asking her to create a potion capable of granting one the neccesary power to defeat the leader of the Defenders. During Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Ms. Frizzle is seen speaking to Saralite in a flashback, where it is shown that Saralite is not yet finished with the potion. However, she is able to reveal that Arthur is located in the Cocoa Jungle. Ms. Frizzle then leaves with Dorothy.

In the present, Ms. Frizzle's group is not seen until after Ms. Frizzle contacts Arthur using an "astro projection". They are seen ragged and trapped in some unknown location south of the Defenders' Base.