Marlin and Dory

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Marlin and Dory

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Clownfish (Marlin) / Blue Tang (Dory)
Gender Male (Marlin) / Dory (Female)
Skin color White/orange (Marlin) / Blue (Dory)
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 19, Page 3
Last appearance Chapter 19, Page 3
In real life
Actual name Marlin and Dory
First appearance Finding Nemo (2020)
Franchise Finding Nemo

Marlin and Dory are a pair of fish cameoing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Marlin and Dory both appear on Chapter 19: THE Storm part 1, Page 3 within the lake that Eggman steals a Chaos Emerald from.

Real Life Origins

Marlin and Dory are characters originally from the 2003 film, Finding Nemo.