chapter 3: the truth

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chapter 3:
the truth
Release dates
Cover date December 16, 2011
Page date December 16, 2011 -
January 12, 2012
Link Chapter 3
Script Script
Character debuts Travous, Troll King (formally), Troll Face, Troll Queen, Oxsist
Other chapters
Previous chapter trolls attack
Next chapter Deceit

chapter 3: the truth is the third chapter of Tails Gets Trolled.


Mario vs. Luigi

Mario and friends are shocked by the news of Luigi's sudden "betrayal". Luigi explains how he has always resented Mario for being the more respected Mario brother and challenges him to a one on one duel. The Troll Slaiyers and The Trolls back off to let the brothers fight it out.

During the battle, both brothers make use of various power ups to gain advantages over the other, but Luigi is ultimately able to win through the use of a star. Before Luigi can finish off Mario, Shadow intervenes and shoots Daffy in order to save Mario and end the hostage situation. Before Shadow can detonate the stadium, an enraged Bugs destroys the remote and is killed by Shadow in retaliation. Shadow takes matters into his own hands and moves to attack Alex but is stopped when Garry arrives as backup. The rest of the Slaiyers urge Shadow to back off, and the group retreats.

Sonic and the Trolls

Meanwhile, Eggman works on locating the base of the trolls for Sonic. He is able to find it and prints a map for Sonic to use. Before Sonic sets off, he uses a knife to impale Eggman through his computer chair, killing him, as revenge for all that he has put Sonic and his friends through. Sonic takes back his Chaos Emerald, and becomes Evil Sonic before setting off.

Once at the base, Sonic finally meets the leader of the trolls face to face and is shocked when he sees that he is an actual troll. The Troll King explains his motivations for forming the trolls, which stems from being trolled by humans in the past and seeking a safe place to live and support his own family. Not wanting to listen, Sonic uses the power of his Chaos Emerald to become Super Sonic and begins to battle the Troll King.