Ms. Frizzle

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Ms. Frizzle

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Hair color Orange
Eye color Black
Personal information
Allies Arthur, Dorothy
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 5
Last appearance Chapter 25, Page 15
In real life
Actual name Ms. Frizzle / Valerie Frizzle
First appearance The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (1986)
Franchise The Magic School Bus
..Don't worry, Dear.. We will find him ourselves.. We know of the area, now we just need to put in a long search.. We won't give up until we free him!..
Ms. Frizzle, Chapter 25, Page 7

Ms. Frizzle is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Much like her disciples Dorothy and Arthur, Ms. Frizzle appears dressed in a wizard's getup.

In the present time, her hair appears to have vanished and her skin appears to be crumbling.


Ms. Frizzle is first seen on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 5 speaking to Saralite. She reveals that she is seeking Arthur and knows that he is being "controlled" by an evil man. As a result, she had asked the wizard to brew a dangerous potion that would allow her to easily free Arthur.

Unfortunately, Saralite is not done creating the potion, which disappoints Ms. Frizzle. She leaves, urging Saralite to finish it in a week or else she will take her funds elsewhere. Ms. Frizzle thinks to herself, showing some doubt in the potion's safety and Saralite's character, noting that she is hard to read. She is then shocked when Saralite reassures her of her doubts, realizing that her mind has been read.

Ms. Frizzle then takes her leave with Dorothy. She is not seen again until the present time where she communicates with Arthur using an "astro projection". She urges Arthur to rescue her class and warns him of the threat of the "sister witches" who have stolen the potion she had requested from Saralite. Ms. Frizzle is also revealed to have made use of Lord Ryzel's magic in order to locate Arthur, shocking the young wizard. She also explains to Arthur that she had sealed away these witches using her life, and that should her life end, they will be released. The scene then moves to Ms. Frizzle's actual location (stated to be somewhere south of Arthur's) where she and her students are seen weary and beaten.


From what little dialogue she has (currently), Ms. Frizzle appears to care deeply for Arthur to the point where she is not only desperate enough to pay an unknown person enough cash to make a potion, but is also willing to use said potion without fully understanding the effects. She is also shown to be cautious, as she is suspicious of Saralite's ambiguity when describing the potion.


At the current moment it is not known if Ms. Frizzle has any powers beyond her astro projection, though doing so requires her to gather ingredients. She is also noted to be able to use a spell to locate Arthur's position, but in the process of doing so she states that her soul will be owned by Lord Ryzel when she dies. Ms. Frizzle is also shown to be capable of a sealing spell of sorts which she uses to hold the "sister witches" who have trapped her class in, but says that upon her death the seal will be broken.

Real Life Origins

Valerie Frizzle, mostly referred to as just Ms. Frizzle, is a teacher at Walkerville Elementary School and the driver of the "Magic School Bus".


While her outfit changes each episode, Ms. Frizzle is dressed as a wizard in Tails Gets Trolled complete with a wizard's hat.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning Notes
English Ms. Frizzle
Spanish Srta. Rizos Señorita Rizos
Japanese フリズル先生 Frizzle-sensei
Russian Мисс Фризл Miss Frizzle