Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1

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Chapter 21:
The conclusion Part 1
Release dates
Cover date June 12, 2015
Page date June 13, 2015 -
November 7, 2015
Link Chapter 21
Script Script
Character debuts The Narrorator, Helgrim (in the background), Jeff, THE Mr. Butt Fairy, Sneed, Sneed, Master Queef, James "Wants to be MegaMan" Baxter, Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" Black, Jolly Green Faggot, Aubrey Cat, LOUD FUCK, Whitebeard, Cleveland Brown, PS2 racing game background character, Red troll, Expert Dick Sucker, EDP445
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Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1 is the twenty-first chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. The story shifts to Coyote's battle with Demaro. Things take a turn for the unexpected when Demaro unleashes a new power.


The Conclusion Begins

Road Runner drags Demaro's body around the battlefield.

Prior to the start of the fight, The Narrorator appears to formally introduce himself as the one who provides the comic's "meanwhiles" in between scenes. He rants about Lazerbot not paying him for his contributions.

Back to the main story, Demaro continues his battle with Coyote. Before they begin again, Coyote asks Demaro a question regarding how he became the person he is today. Demaro describes his early life as being trapped in endless terror and horror, a nightmare where everything loved parishes. He goes on to say that such hardships were a test from Satan to remove the light from his being, leaving him with only shadows and darkness.

Coyote feels some remorse for Demaro and chooses to continue the fight before he can feel pity. He summons the Road Runner to through speed around Demaro, taunting him once again. Road Runner creates a whirlwind by running enough cirlces around Demaro and Dusk Hunter, lifting them up in the air. The clever bird uses the winds to slash at Demaro while he is floating undefended. Demaro attempts to counter by putting up his shield, but Coyote uses his Neutral strings to create a small orb that destroys his shield.

By placing his strings within the tornado, Coyote is able to yank Demaro outside it and drag him around using Road Runner. Road Runner speeds around the battlefield, dragging Demaro behind him. Bloodied and battered, he manages to conjure up vines to stop Demaro and pulls himself up. Just as he finishes struggling to stand up, trolls from the nearby Troll City join the battle.

Attack of the Trolls

The trolls, featuring familiar faces such as Jacko the Troll and Teabagger Troll (from The Adventures of Underbite Troll) appear armed with bricks and spears. They begin to hurl bricks at Demaro but he easily blocks them with his vines. Coyote stops Teabagger Troll from stabbing him with a spear using his own shield, then holds him and a yellow skinnted troll up in the air.

Demaro beheads a white-haired troll using his vines and then lays numerous traps all around the battlefield. Jacko loses his mind and charge at Demaro alone but is captured and suspended midair. Demaro attempts to flatten him in a similar fashion to how he destroyed Garry's android, but is too weak to pull the move off. Jacko begins trolling Demaro, drawing a third eye on him in Gayola crayon while mocking him. Suddenly, Jacko has a moment of recollection as he is reminded of his past.

Jacko the Troll

Jacko is murdered.

Jacko's memories take him back to a time where he and his friend were at a Walmart. He picks up a bottle of Dr. Dick Juice and tells his friend Jolly Green Faggot to go long. He runs as far as possible before being stopped by a wall, and Jacko throws the bottle regardless. He hits a baby in the face, causing him to fall onto the ground, slamming his head. This incident causes Jacko to recall another memory of his.

In the Troll City Zoo, Jacko steals an ostrich egg and then asks his friend to go long once more. Just like before in Walmart, he throws the egg but injures a baby lion, causing the parent to get angry. The parent chases down his friend and mauls him, crunching down on his neck while Jacko smiles.

The Third Eye

Demaro's third eye powers him up.

In the present, the other trolls are amazed at Jacko's story. Demaro, unimpressed, rages and threatens to destroy Troll City. Coyote obeserves and notes that although he should end the fight quickly, he is interested in seeing how far Demaro can be pushed. He notes that although Demaro is injured, his third eye is moving on its own. The barrier Jacko is trapped in suddenly shatters and forms many tiny spears, impaling Jacko from all sides, killing him. From behind, Jeff throws a brick hitting Demaro straight in the head. Unfortunately, his situation only gets worse as the Narrorator points out that more trolls have arrived.

One of the backup trolls finds a cannon and shoots at Demaro with it. He attempts to block it using his arm but is heavily injured in the process. More trolls appear and Demaro begins to lose hope, falling to his knees, when his third eye suddenly glows and causes Demaro's hair to turn white.

With his newfound strength, Demaro very easily defeats the backup trolls. A distance away, Dusk Hunter begins to glow and is freed from Road Runner's tornado, and teleported to Demaro's side.