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Not to be confused with Perky Jackson, a troll appearing in Chapter 25.5.

Biographical info
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Green
Personal information
Allies Boah, Okino and his family
First appearance Chapter 26, Page 21
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 22
Alive (as of the flashback)
In real life
Actual name Jackson
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 25, Page 32 (2022)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

Jackson is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Jackson is a brown skinned burly man, first seen wearing a gray tank top. He has a large grown beard and chest chair in addition to thick eyebrows, as well as green eyes.


Prior to his first appearance, Jackson, alongside Boah, appear to be old acquaintances of Okino and his family, as he mentions an incident involving a fishing hook getting stuck in Okino's thumb.

Jackson first appears during a flashback held by Alice on Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 21. He is seen accompanying Boah as they visit the household of Alice's family. He informs them that they finished cutting down a nearby oak tree in preparation for the winter season. He is seen snickering with Boah as they watch Okino get reprimanded for his foul language by his wife Grace. After Boah offers to take Alice to the House of God and protect her, Jackson hugs Boah goodbye and wishes him luck on his journey.