Koopa Mang

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Koopa Mang

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Squirtle, ass mouth (by Butter Tits)
Physical description
Species Koopa
Gender Male
Skin color Gray
Eye color Green
Personal information
Position Former baddie
Affiliation Ex-member of his former group
Enemies Retard Double Threat
First appearance Polished, Page 2
Last appearance Polished, Page 3
In real life
Actual name Koopa Mang
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled Polished
Page 2 (2017)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
...Nope! Yer done fucked the pooch, SIR!! I will take my leave now....ASSHOLE!! Just shit on someone's heart why don't ya..
Koopa Mang, Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Page 3

Koopa Mang is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled Polished. He is another victim of the Retard Double Threat's trolling.


Koopa Mang resembles a Koopa Troopa from the Super Mario franchise. His skin is grayish in color and he has red hair with green eyes. His shell is colored red and he has a brown stomach. Koopa Mang also wears an orange vest and has gray shoes with a yellow pattern on them.


In the past, Koopa Mang states that he has gone through "horrors" before he is seen in Polished. He states that he used to be a villain before leaving after some heavy soul searching.

He is first seen passing by the Retard Double Threat's cave. The two trolls then emerge and begin trolling Koopa Mang. Like Tails before him, Koopa Mang is brought to tears by their words.

In Ultimate Alternate reality

Koopa Mang is seen joining as a late member of the Troll Slayers.


Koopa Mang is very sensitive. He is quickly broken down to tears after a few exchanges with Butter Tits. He is also unwilling to accept the two's apologies, running off crying instead.


It is unknown if Koopa Mang is capable of any special powers or feats.