Tails Gets Trolled - The Halloween special.

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Tails Gets Trolled -
The Halloween special.
Release dates
Cover date October 31st, 2023
Page date October 31st, 2023
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Tails Gets Trolled - The Halloween special. is a special series of short stories released for Halloween.


Part 1

The first section begins with Garry's funeral. Demaro, Garry's family, and other members of The Trolls including Alex, Mauller, and Troll King are seen mourning over the recent death of Garry. It is mentioned that Coyote has been on a wild rampage, destroying Troll King's house and murdering many others in his desire for bloodshed. As Garry's sister moves over to wish him goodbye, Garry's eyes suddenly open. He then grabs his sister and chomps down on her neck while also clawing her face, horrifying the onlookers. Demaro runs to try and save his sister, but her bloodied body falls over onto him while everyone else is thrown into a panic. Garry then rises and murders everyone else in the room before looking over to Demaro, hiding in the corner. Demaro begs for his life but Garry does not listen as he claws him. Moments before, it is revealed that Coyote has been in the shadows manipulating Garry's corpse using his powers.