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For the first chapter of Ultimate Alternate Reality, go here. For other uses, see Tails Gets Trolled (disambiguation).
The cover for Chapter 1.

Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality is a spin-off of Tails Gets Trolled. It is focused on an alternate universe where characters react differently to events that have happened in the main series.


The project was announced on October 14th, 2020 by Embergram after the he and Lazerbot finished the process of moving into a new home. Unfortunately, their desktop used to work on Tails Gets Trolled was soon discovered to be infested with cockroaches, leading to the two quarantining it.[1] As a result, progress on the main series would be halted temporarily.

In the meantime, the two began to make Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality to provide some content until the next page (Page 21) of Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3 was finished. Since then, after the release of Page 21, the series has made sporadic updates.


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