Chapter 27.5: Shadow's Nightmare 2

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Chapter 27.5:
Shadow's Nightmare 2
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Release dates
Cover date October 3rd, 2023
Page date October 3rd, 2023 -
May 8th, 2024
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Chapter 27.5: Shadow's Nightmare 2 is the second half of the twenty-seventh chapter of Tails Gets Trolled.


The Final Dragon Ball Z Episode

Narrateur descends and shows off his power.

The chapter opens with the finale of the famed Tails Gets Trolled Z series, with Spongebob and the old Narrorator confronting Vageness and Hailyon. Narrorator recalls a memory of himself getting his arm broken by Vageness which angers him and gives him the power to defeat the trolls. The heroes defeat the two trolls, and are ambushed by the trio who had trolled the Narrorator at the beginning of Chapter 26. Spongebob recognizes the trio as slave drivers who had enslaved Toads, a memory which gives him the resolve to defeat the evil trio. As the three trolls are melted away, the Narrateur enters the scene radiating a purple aura. Narrorator reveals that his father was slain by the Narrateur during a previous encounter. Spongebob and the Narrarator are overpowered and resort to doing a fusion dance to even the odds, resulting in a hideous abomination being formed. Despite the new fusion, the Narrateur defeats the fused monstrosity and then proceeds to gloat over his victory.

Searching for Tails

The scene then moves to Shadow resting in his tent after fighting Knuckles. He appears to have a nightmare in which a grotesque Bugs appears. Bugs threatens Shadow that one day, he will pay for the consequences of his violent actions, to which Shadow replies that he has no regrets. Shadow attempts to attack Bugs but fails as he moves straight through his ghostly body. Unfazed, Bugs warns Shadow that he will haunt him for the rest of his days while screaming maniacally.

Shadow awakens from his nightmare screaming and heads outside his tent to begin the day. Meanwhile, the Troll Slaiyers are shown relaxing, with Hulk having successfully made it back to the group, and having idle conversations. Shadow passes by and is noticed by Tiny Kong who passes him a water bottle and orange. She offers to join Shadow in the search for Tails but is told to stay behind with the others to focus on their plan for Mario. Before Shadow leaves he also advises Tiny Kong to keep an eye on Bowser as he feels that he is planning something.

Shadow begins to follow his steps backwards to try and trace Knuckles' path. Along the way he reminisces over various events of the past, including one in which he violently murders Teemo. As he moves along he also remembers a time in which he and Tails were fishing. During this time, Shadow appears to unintentionally worry Tails when trying to reassure him that Sonic and Amy's relationship will be okay. Shadow then promises to protect Tails before the scene moves to the current time with him showing regret over not being able to fulfill this promise.