Friday Night Funkin': Tails Gets Trolled V4

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Friday Night Funkin':
Tails Gets Trolled V4
Release dates
Page date April 1st, 2022
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Friday Night Funkin': Tails Gets Trolled V4 is the thrid and final story of Tails Gets Gay.

Download it here.


The story opens with Gay Garry approaching Gay Demaro from behind. Gay Garry opens up to his brother about his plans of becoming a Troll, but also reveals another secret, stating that he is gay as a rainbow and a penis appear behind him. Gay Demaro blushes and turns away, worrying Gay Garry, as he thinks that his brother may not accept him.

Gay Demaro then turns around and faces Gay Garry. Gay Garry raises an eyebrow and makes a handsome face as Gay Demaro smiles and reveals his homosexuality as a unicorn speeds by behind him. Gay Garry makes an exaggerated face of surprise as he smiles before making another confession. The gay brothers then stare each other in the eyes for a moment before Garry reveals that he is gay for Demaro in addition to being gay himself, and that he is madly in love with this brother. Gay Garry looks down as he asks for his brother to not hate him, before Demaro reveals that he returns his brother's gay feelings. The two then move in for a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, in the main universe, the actual Garry and Demaro are seen witnessing the scene from Garry's cell phone. Demaro appears mortified as he watches the scene continue. As Gay Garry and Gay Demaro stop kissing, Gay Garry takes off his shirt while Gay Demaro undresses himself. With their clothes on the ground, Gay Demaro assumes the position as Gay Garry rails him from behind. Gay Travous also appears scouting for Troll King. Gay Demaro lets out a moan as the brothers continue having sex while Leon suddenly appears out of nowhere. Gay Garry then orgasms, and the two brothers lie in the grass together, cuddling. Having seen enough, the actual Demaro then uses his strings to crush Garry's phone in two.