chapter 12: taking action

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chapter 12:
taking action
Release dates
Cover date August 14, 2012
Page date August 15, 2012 -
September 7, 2012
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Character debuts None
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you know what garry, i think dad should of hit you harder when you was younger, maybe then you would know not to fuck with people that you clearly don't stand a chance in beating, hahahahhah maybe then you wouldn't act so big
Demaro, Page 11

chapter 12: taking action is the twelfth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled, continuing the battle between Demaro and Garry.


Despite his earthbending powers and clever use of a robotic body double to trick Demaro, Garry is unable to outwit his brother. While in the safety of a spirit shield, Demaro devises a plan to trap Garry, which involves manipulating the environment to get his necromantic strings around Garry. His body double tries to rescue him by attacking Demaro's Guardian, which succeeds in buying Garry the time to dig his way out of the trap Demaro had him in. Garry lets out an all out attack, launching a barrage of flaming rocks at Demaro, who is unable to catch all of them with his strings.

Garry and the double fuse into one fighter and change their strategy to cut off Demaro's means of controlling his Guardian: the necromantic strings. Demaro recognizes this, and banishes his Guardian before his control over it can be severed, as it would go wild without his control, posing a threat even to him. The two trade blows-- Demaro's vines are nullified by Garry's earthbending and Garry's flamethrower is dodged-- and Garry reveals he'd been anticipating this fight for a while. He designed the secret arena beneath Troll Castle, got Eggman to make him the android, and fed Demaro the intel that Fudd had been taken by the trolls to lure Demaro into Garry's trap. Garry proclaims that through Eggman, the Man in the Ice will be freed in no time, and the trolls will soon have a mighty army of robot warriors.

In Demaro's wrath, he attacks the robot double, leaving the brothers as the only capable fighters. The ground begins pulling apart, exposing the magma beneath the arena. As Garry begins pummeling Demaro, the latter remembers when he originally scarred his brother's face. Demaro awakens left over strings still embedded in Garry's face, giving the necromancer a moment to breathe as his brother is left defenseless.