tails gets gay (Story)

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This article is about the the fist story. For the spin-off as a whole, go here. For other uses, see Tails Gets Trolled (disambiguation).
tails gets gay
Release dates
Page date February 13, 2013
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tails gets gay is the first story of Tails Gets Gay.


The story begins with Rob and Hindo battling it out. As they charge at each other, a sudden explosion happens and the both of them are transformed into "chibi" versions of themselves with large anime eyes and blush marks. Rob and Hindo agree to stop fighting and have an uber awesome pillow fight.

The scene then moves to Coyote and Demaro who are in the midst of thier battle. Demaro defeats Coyote by out-cuteing him through compliments, causing Coyote to commit suicide. Afterwards, Silver is shown with Blaze. Blaze confesses her feelings to Silver but is turned down when Silver reveals his secret homosexual feelings with Fudd. Fudd turns him down, stating he has feelings for Luigi. Everyone then gathers together to be happy, while the ghosts of Garry, Sonic, and Coyote watch from above.


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