Tails gets trolled Ultimate Alternate reality (Chapter 1)

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This article is regarding the first chapter of Ultimate Alternate Reality. For the series as a whole, see Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality. For other uses, see Tails Gets Trolled (disambiguation).
Tails gets trolled
Ultimate Alternate reality
Release dates
Cover date October 14, 2020
Page date October 14, 2020 -
May 24, 2022
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Tails gets trolled Ultimate Alternate reality is the first chapter of Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality.


Tails' alternate universe reaction to being trolled.

Tails is first shown lololol'ing in the empty field as usual when he is suddenly trolled by the Retard Double Threat. However, he is not affected by their hateful words and instead walks off, laughing. Tails returns to Sonic and Shadow's location where he tell Shadow about his run in with the trolls and they exchange banter before Sonic suddenly feels sad and states that Tails got trolled. Confused, Tails and Shadow act normally while Sonic attempts to explain the proper way of dealing with trolls. Shadow calls Sonic's method ineffective before flipping off the audience as usual.

Sonic suddenly declares that he there is no need for villains, confusing Tails and Shadow once more before he then refers to them as misunderstood kids. Tails and Shadow disagree before Sonic then asks Tails to come with him to show the two trolls the path of kindness. Tails decides to tag along out of a willingness to see Sonic fail. Meanwhile, Butter Tits is seen consoling a crying Toad before Sonic appears and demands that the trolls apologize for what they had said. The Dick Taker explains that Tails was not offended to begin with before Sonic suddenly becomes defensive over being gay. Butter Tits, confused, points out that no one called Sonic gay to begin with before Sonic declares that he has a lot of friends out of the blue. Butter Tits insists that Sonic is mentally challenged before Sonic makes an offer of friendship. Butter Tits tries to explain that he is not starting anything and only tried to troll Tails due to an edgy video he saw before Sonic randomly gets angry.

Sonic grits his teeth as he makes one final request to be friends. Butter Tits notices his aggression and kindly appologizes for what he said, stating that he would not mind becoming friends. Sonic gets angry and asks Tails to leave with him. The two leave and go back to Knuckles and Shadow's location. Sonic angrily leaves to have sex with his girlfriend. As he leaves, Shadow reveals that everyone else has already done so with Amy.

Tails shooting Butter Tits.

After some talk, Shadow decides that he should randomly kill the Retard Double Threat because they are trolls and bastistards. He takes Tails and Knuckles along with him, and the group moves to find Butter Tits alone. Butter Tits tries to introduce himself but Shadow begins to troll him. Butter Tits reveals that he is sensitive about his weight as Shadow verbally attacks him while Tails and Knuckles snicker from the sidelines. Tails then joins Shadow in the trolling, causing Butter Tits to get angry. Shadow continues to troll until he suddenly charges at Butter Tits, punching him and knocking him to the ground. He then shows Tails an amazing ninja kick before unsheathing his knife. Shadow makes a strange pose with his knife and slashes the air as if he was holding and slitting someone's throat. As he moves towards Butter Tits' location, Tails suddenly intervenes.

Tails slaps Shadow in the face and has a sudden realization that it would be better for Tails to do the act of murder. Tails pulls out a gun and shoots Butter Tits as he pleads for his life. He then shoots Butter Tits twice in his breasts and once in the crotch. The group then buries Butter Tits. Elsewhere, a mysterious wakka'ing figure is informed by Pori that Butter Tits has been murdered. Heartbroken, he asks Pori to investigate. The next day, Sonic approaches Tails and asks about his actions last night. Tails admits to killing the trolls to a very confused Sonic before Sonic decides to confront Shadow.

Meanwhile, Knuckles, Rouge and Donkey Kong are seen sleeping together. Knuckles compliments his partners on their impressive performances. The scene moves back to Shadow as Pori confronts him. Pori calmly asks Shadow about the whereabouts of Butter Tits and The Dick Taker before Shadow smugly admits to killing the former. Shocked by Shadow's disrespect towards their lives, Pori draws his blade as Shadow pulls his gun. The two enter a standoff before Mario suddenly enters the scene, looking for the person who helped Toad.

Mario struggles to stand before Shadow.

Mario suddenly attacks Shadow out of nowhere by throwing a fireball. Shadow slaps the fireball away and shoots at Pori who deflects the bullets with his sword. Shadow takes aim at Mario who leaps over the bullets, impressing Shadow. Pori rushes in attempting to kick Shadow in the face, but misses as Shadow ducks. Shadow spin dashes away as Pori hurls his sword towards Shadow, cutting him in the cheek.

Mario then suddenly unsheathes his TEC-19 and opens fire on Shadow. Shadow attempts to run before Mario gets in close and lands several hits using his fists. In the chaos, Pori escapes as Shadow and Mario continue to fight each other. Shadow delivers a brutal beatdown, going so far as to stick his fingers up Mario's nose and lifts him, throwing his body a distance away. Beaten and left with a black eye, Mario stands to face Shadow. Mario then shakes his hand and compliments Shadow on the great battle. Shadow is unamused, stating that Mario randomly attacked him out of nowhere. He angrily tells Mario "fuck you" before Mario reveals that his price for fucking is not cheap.

Shadow is then approached by Sonic who scolds him for killing Butter Tits. Tails suddenly appears and together with Shadow they casually admit to double teaming Amy, an act that caused them to bond as brothers. Sonic is angered. The group is then approached by Pori and his gang who places them under arrest for murder. Shadow and Tails uses their guns to shoot Kei-so and Brandon, causing Sonic to enrage and become Dark Sonic. This caused him retain his usual behavior from original comic, mistaking thin air for the Brothers from another Mother gang and breaking the plot in the process.