The Narrorator

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The Narrorator
Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Narrator guy
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light brown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Personal information
Occupation Narrorator (up to Chapter 22[1])
Affiliation None
Enemies Lazerbot, the new Narrorator
Likes The song "Angel"
Weapons/powers mean while
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 5
(first mean while)
Chapter 21, Page 0.1
(in person)
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 6
In real life
Actual name The Narrorator
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 1, Page 5 (2011)
Chapter 21, Page 0.1 (2015)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
See, i'm the reason why the comic is epic, i deserve all the attention.. Not Lazerbot, that night blind batsard... He can't even see in the hallway at night! AND!! He has a bald spot! So there! Damn it this is so unfair...
The Narrorator, Chapter 21, Page 0.1

The Narrorator is a supposedly omniscient being appearing in Tails Gets Trolled and Tails Gets Trolled Polished. He narrorates the comic, providing many of the transitions between scenes using his trade mark "mean while".


One of the Narrorator's mean whiles.

The details of The Narrorator's personal life are unknown, but it is mentioned that he is struggling financially and that he has a dog and a cat to care for.

Even before he is formally introduced, The Narrorator provides much of the comic's transitions. The first instance appears in Chapter 1: tails gets trolled, Page 5, where the Narrorator provides an "after words" as the scene shifts from Tails over to Shadow. From then on, he is seen periodically throughout the comic, providing his mean whiles to keep the comic moving.

The Narrorator appears in person at the beginning of Chapter 21, introducing himself to the audience and making aware his presence throughout the whole series. He apologizes for the delayed daybue of Lord Thunder Claw, claiming that he will appear soon in the comic. From then on, he makes periodic appearances in person, showing up to narrorate the possibility of Demaro's demise, or bursting out into song to mourn for Grapeface.

At the end of Chapter 22, the Narrorator makes an appearance on a page dedicated to himself, expressing shock over Lazerbot breaking his apparent "21 pages per chapter" rule. It is also revealed that the Narrorator has been asked to narrorate for Tails Gets Trolled Polished, and is going to be quite busy for some time.

The Narrorator next appears in person during a flashback in Chapter 25, where he is seen drinking his sorrows away. He is revealed to have been replaced in his role as the Narrorator of Tails Gets Trolled, and complains about his replacement not being as creative as he was. At some point years later he attempts to cheer himself up by visiting the Water Park but it is shown that even this is not enough to put him in high spirits. As he leaves, he is confronted by a gang of trolls who recognize him as the former Narrorator of the comic and berate him.

The Narrorator as he accepts his death before being run over.

Having heard enough, the Narrorator tears up and stands in the middle of the road. He opens his arms and faces an oncoming truck as the song "Angel" plays, but moments before he is struck down, he is rescued by a mysterious figure.

It is revealed that the figure is none other than Spongebob, who is on the hunt for his arch nemesis Squidward. After being rescued from his attempted suicide, The Narrorator asks to tag along with Spongebob on his quest. He is eventually allowed to when he offers to act as Spongebob's guide to West Troll City.


The Narrorator has a very high opinion of himself, believing that he is one of the main factors contributing to the "epicness" of Tails Gets Trolled. He takes great pride in his "mean whiles", and is rather upset to see that he is not acknowledged very often for them.

The Narrorator also has an immense dislike of Lazerbot, stating that Lazerbot refuses to pay him for his narrorations and laments his own lack of screen-time. Despite this, he also appears to be quite knowledgeable about Lazerbot, going so far as to state that he is apparently night blind and has a bald spot.

After losing his job, he appears to be extremely depressed and struggles to find a way for him to cope with the loss of his role. He even appears to be suicidal after being trolled by random trolls, going so far as to place himself in front of a truck to end his own life.


The Narrorator's "Meanwhile" is claimed to have certain powers. In his own words, he states that a Meanwhile has the power to blow the mind of countless souls and forever changing their perception on the word. He also claims beforehand that he often seperates it into two words to add a touch of sparkles, and can leave sexy fans wanting more. Even he himself is a victim of desire to his own "Meanwhile"s.

A list of the Narrorator's various narrorations can be find below.

List of narrorations

Text in italics denote a paraphrase of the actual text.

Tails Gets Trolled
  • Chapter 1, Page 5 (after words)
  • Chapter 1, Page 12 (back to knuckles)
  • Chapter 1, Page 16 (back to tails)
  • Chapter 2, Page 1 (back to tails)
  • Chapter 2, Page 15 (mean while)
  • Chapter 3, Page 1 (mario vs. luigi)
  • Chapter 3, Page 14 (mean while)
  • Chapter 3, Page 16 (evil sonic)
  • Chapter 4, Page 18 (mean while)
  • Chapter 5, Page 4 (mean while)
  • Chapter 5, Page 10 ("ript shirt", "scroll", "mean while")
  • Chapter 6, Page 2 (mean while)
  • Chapter 6, Page 4 (troll off silver vs. this guy)
  • Chapter 6, Page 17 (mean while)
  • Chapter 6, Page 18 (mean while)
  • Chapter 6, Page 21 (mean whie)
  • Chapter 8, Page 3 (mean while)
  • Chapter 8, Page 14 (mean while)
  • Chapter 8, Page 19 (after the drive)
  • Chapter 8, Page 20 (two hours later)
  • Chapter 9, Page 3 (introducing the attempted neutrals)
  • Chapter 9, Page 20 (mid night)
  • Chapter 10, Page 1 (Mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 3 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 4 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 6 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 7 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 8 (mean while x2)
  • Chapter 10, Page 9 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 10 (mean while)
  • Chapter 10, Page 12 (out side)
  • Chapter 10, Page 14 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 10, Page 15 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 10, Page 16 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 10, Page 17 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 10, Page 19 (next morning)
  • Chapter 10, Page 21 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 11, Page 2 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 11, Page 3 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 11, Page 5 (mean while)
  • Chapter 11, Page 8 (MEAN WHIL)
  • Chapter 11, Page 10 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 11, Page 11 (after shadow explains the plan to everyone)
  • Chapter 11, Page 12 ("MEAN WHILE", "2 hours later")
  • Chapter 11, Page 15 (30 minutes later)
  • Chapter 11, Page 16 (mean while)
  • Chapter 11, Page 17 (mean while)
  • Chapter 13, Page 9 (oh no demoro and elmer have finally crossed paths WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?)
  • Chapter 13, Page 20 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 13, Page 21 (rob vs hindo)
  • Chapter 14, Page 0.3 ("rob super saiyan 1", "hindo super saiyan 3", "this is dragonballz see the difference")
  • Chapter 14, Page 3 (mean while)
  • Chapter 14, Page 5 (mean while)
  • Chapter 14, Page 6 (back to coyote)
  • Chapter 14, Page 12 (explanation of Knuckles' attack)
  • Chapter 14, Page 15 (mean while)
  • Chapter 14, Page 18 (back to rob)
  • Chapter 14, Page 18.1 (the rant (may also be Lazerbot speaking directly to the viewers))
  • Chapter 15, Page 3 (back to coyote)
  • Chapter 15, Page 10 (Forest ChamBers)
  • Chapter 15, Page 12 ("MEAN WHILE back to shadow", "WHAT THE?", "what is going on with these new turn of events? teemos alive what the fuck?!")
  • Chapter 15, Page 14 ("mean while", "back to tails")
  • Chapter 15, Page 20 (MEAN WILE)
  • Chapter 16, Page 4 (mean while back to coyote)
  • Chapter 16, Page 8 (mean while)
  • Chapter 16, Page 13 (MEAN WHILE BACK TO ROB)
  • Chapter 17, Page 3 ("mean while", "what happened during the fights")
  • Chapter 17, Page 6 (MEAN WHILE)
  • Chapter 17, Page 9 (Mean while, back to Tails.)
  • Chapter 17, Page 11 (In the other room, Ronald and Kermit are talking.)
  • Chapter 17, Page 14 (Mean while, back to Tails and the gang in the other room.)
  • Chapter 17, Page 20 (Outside Cheeto Mans room)
  • Chapter 18, Page 1 ("Back to Doug", "Back to Tails and the Gang.")
  • Chapter 18, Page 6 (Back in the party room)
  • Chapter 18, Page 10 (back to cheeto man at the round table)
  • Chapter 18, Page 12 (Back to Spyro)
  • Chapter 18, Page 13 (back to tails)
  • Chapter 18, Page 15 (The breeze of the storm)
  • Chapter 19, Page 16 (Later that day)
  • Chapter 20, Page 3 (Mean while back to spyro)
  • Chapter 20, Page 4 ("Back to Skat.", "Back to knuckles.")
  • Chapter 20, Page 7 ("Hello Kitty mouthless makeout scene.", Meanwhile back to Arthur and Vivian.")
  • Chapter 20, Page 9 ("Later that night..", "(Moments later)")
  • Chapter 20, Page 13 (In the other room.)
  • Chapter 20, Page 19 (Back at the Defenders base.)
  • Chapter 20, Page 21 (Meanwhile... Back to the present. The Conclusion.)
  • Chapter 21, Page 5 (Shit!! Not again!!)
  • Chapter 21, Page 7 (Trolls have just arrived, ready to fight!! How will Coyote and Demaro deal with this new threat? Find out, in the next page of Tails Gets Trolled!)
  • Chapter 21, Page 14 (Oh noo!! Things just continue to get worse for that asshole Demaro. Will he finally meet his end? Find out soon.)
  • Chapter 21, Page 20 ("A distance away.", "Back by Demaro.")
  • Chapter 22, Page 0.1 (Last time on Dragon Ball Z.)
  • Chapter 22, Page 0.2 (Back to Somewhere else.)
  • Chapter 22, Page 8 (A distance away.)
  • Chapter 22, Page 10 (Meanwhile Elsewhere in Troll City).
  • Chapter 22, Page 12 (Meanwhile)
  • Chapter 22, Page 16 ("Sonichu Joins the Battle!", "What is Sonichu's secret special move!? Will it be the end for Demaro!? Will we ever get passed this really long and dragged out fight?! Find out next time, on Tails Gets Trolled!")
  • Chapter 22, Page 17 (singing the chorus to In the arms of angel)
See the Narrateur's section for contributions beyond Chapter 22.
Tails Gets Trolled Polished
  • Page 1 (Upside Down Presents Tails Gets Trolled Polished.)
  • Page 2 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 4 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 8 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 10 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 13 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 16 (Meanwhile x2)
  • Page 23 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 25 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 27 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 28 (Meanwhile)
  • Page 30 (Meanwhile x2)
  • Page 31 (Meanwhile x3)
  • Page 32 (Meanwhile x3)
Tails Gets Gay / Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders

Note: Many of the letters are made to look like ejaculating penises or female breasts.

Tails Gets Gay
  • Page 1 ("Bac=K To Rob", "Back tꙨ Coyote")
  • Page 2 (3AcK To SiLver)
  • Page 3 (rant)
Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders
  • Page 1 ("backwards hand :O", "B=DcK to RonaLD")
  • Page 2 (BAck To MariO)
  • Page 3 (BaCk Jo TAiLS)
The Adventures of Underbite Troll
  • Page 1 (opening text, "out side Which is suppose to be one word not two")
  • Page 2 (the underbite squad vs. the retard double threat)
  • Page 3 (what will happen to underbite troll next stay tooned :D)
  • Page 4 (opening text)
  • Page 5 ("Back to Underbite Troll's house, as they prepare for the Troling -> Trolling" Championship", "At the sign up table")
  • Page 6 (What will happen to Underbite Troll next? Stay tuned. :D)
  • Page 7 (opening text)
  • Page 8 ("Outside.", "To the match making center. Where they figure out who they'll be facing.")
  • Page 9 (Later that day)
  • Page 11 ("The next day an hour before the match.", "What will happen to Underbite next? His first match is about to begin, find out what happens next time on. The Adventures of Underbite Troll! Stay tuned. XD XD XD")
  • Page 12 (opening text)
  • Page 14 (Later that day)
  • Page 15 (Meanwhile, back to Underbites house).
  • Page 17 (Outside..)
  • Page 20 (Yes i know the window gets bigger :D)
  • Page 22 ("Next day Underbite makes his way back to the Matchmaking Center.", "After taking the picture.", "What will happen on the next on The Adventures of Underbite Troll? Stay tuned!")



  • The "mean while" and "back to tails" panels shown when the Narrorator formally introduces himself are taken from Chapter 15, Page 14 specifically.
  • The Narrorator's name is based on the word "Narrator". It is not known if this was an intentional misspelling.